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When AJ and Kimberly Hanmer started Signature Total Car Care, they wanted it to be different than what you normally experience when having your car serviced in Cumming, GA. With over 60% of our client base being women, Signature Total Car Care is proud to offer an environment clean and comfortable, free from high-pressure sales and pricing significantly less than the dealers for European and foreign auto repair, maintenance, and service.


AJ Hanmer has been in the automotive service repair/maintenance for over 40 years and in this community for more than 25 years. He is committed to providing all of his clients with the best service at the best price. “We service your vehicle like it was ours, we won’t recommend or perform any service on your vehicle then we would to ours.

Nicklas  Kansagrad – Technician – Service Advisor

Nicholas has been part of Signature Total Car Care for 3 years. Nick specializes in the diagnostic and repair of Asian and European Vehicles. He has been to several training courses including BMW training and continues to grow his knowledge in the automotive service field. Nick has been a tremendous asset to the Signature team. Nick Keeps our clients informed of the progress on their vehicles.


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